Silvia Escudero Santos-Ascarza
Providing Renewable Power Purchase Agreements in Iberia | Originator at Statkraft, Spain

“I worked with Marina and Elena as part of the Mastermind Course on Personal Branding in 2020. They structured a very comprehensive and hands-on guide on how to build a personal brand and steps to implement it and to maximise professional results.

I appreciated that they gave me the toolkit and skillset to work on it myself and provided regular feedback on progress. They used different formats (videos, mastermind, practical examples and exercises) and a clear structure to help me work on my brand.

I managed to grow my professional network and improve the engagement and the quality of my interactions with my network. I recommend Marina and Elena as branding professionals.”

Eddy Goovaerts
Procurement Strategy and Development Expert, Former Head of Global Procurement Policies and Risk at ING, Belgium

“I want to express my appreciation for the Program as a whole. I was very anxious and doubting to make the investment, as you know. I am very satisfied as a client in terms of structure, approach, and interactions with yourselves and the class.

I am proud to be part of the program! Part of the spring ‘cohort ‘ to be clear. it is a very interesting and most challenging journey we are working through!

I find the program to be well structured, and it provides us with a most valuable frame based on important building blocks, which we can start using by ourselves… like a Lego… And on top of that, we benefit from each others’ experience, strengths and ideas! Great formula, and exceptional people in the group, all willing to share and care.”

John Azzo
Progress Coach at AzzoProCoaching, China

“The mastermind program helped me understand my brand values, build the foundations and accelerate my visibility in a very clear professional constructive way.

It was delivered in a very smooth simple yet powerful lessons which helped me dig deeper and reform my progress in a much better and  effective way.

Marina’s and Elena’s vast experience and support helped me get out of my comfort zone and think out of the box, be creative with my action steps. I had a big impact in such a short time!

I highly recommend this program If you’re looking to build your own brand in a professional strategic way.”

Irina Ponomareva
Head of Compliance and AML at VTB Leasing, Russia

“Participation in the Program of building a personal brand is one of the most remarkable events, that happened to me. I really enjoyed the Program: vivid, mega-interesting, multifaceted, rich for the participants.

Both Elena and Marina is a super-tandem – two talented experts and successful practitioners, who generously shared their unique strategic learning-by-doing approach, tips, tricks and valuable know-how.

Through perfectly-structured short but really concentrated-in-content videos and practical exercises (supported by high-quality feedback) the coaches led the participants  along the road of building visibility, creating useful content, overcoming the swamp of perfectionism and procrastination. They gave well-working tools, mastering of which nowadays inevitably becomes part of universal personal profile and requires well-boosted skills.

The Program definitely exceeded expectations and moved me much further in self-development, already bringing visible results even before the end of the Program.”


“Marina’s and Elena’s course was a revelation. Personal branding was a real mistery to me. I did not understand it, I did not understand why I needed it. And their course broke it down in such easy-to-understand steps, that anybody could follow it. And no matter what you carreer is, it’s relevant. There is something for everybody. I would endorse it 100%.”

“What is really valuable in this program for me is the framework. Sometimes I look at the things and I do not see the structure right away. But here I think it’s a fantastic structure that helps me a lot. I think that the framework is really powerful and I just feel it every day, because it helps me by little steps move to the ultimate goal.”

“The amount of information for me is amazing because I haven’t ever had an exposure to such a methodology, and it’s a huge game-changer for me. It’s very good to have this structured path and vision on where to go.”

“Thank you, coaches, for such intensive and fruitful information that is also changing our mindset. For me it was a great win to understand that working on the personal brand is the job that has to be done daily. It´s a kind of a routine, but it´s very positive as we understand what will be the prize at the end. I see that the work that we are doing brings fruits, because I had several very interesting meetings last week which probably will change my path. Thank you very much.”

“Thanks to this program I am realizing how important it is to find my voice. And it just hit me. It’s not homework that we do at this program. They are actual actions.”

“I have much more understanding of what I am going to do. I think that the big win for me is that every week I learn something which I try to apply. Every week I have more clarity about what I am doing. And it gives me a detailed plan how I can do that. I am very thankful for that. I think it’s a great program. And it’s huge help for me.” 

“To me this program is about structure. I had this safe environment where I shared my initial and raw ideas, that I am polishing and finishing. I recorded and shared my first small video with the triad. Thank you for organizing it and presenting it in a structured way.”

“So impressed by this mastermind session, very powerful, emotionally charged. And about this course overall – fantastic, I wish I could have done it years ago.”

“Besides, I met fantastic people – diverse, but driven by the similar goals, with whom we will stay in contact, thanks to Elena and Marina (Unexpected precious gift! Thank you !)”

“Being a part of this program, I am now more aware of the impact of these actions that I am trying to do. I see, for example today, I made a post, and I clearly realized: it has really an impact! Now I am more conscious, that all the work that we do here at the course helps us become visible there.”