Individual Consulting


What problems can you solve?

For those, who haven’t started yet to work on Personal Brand:

  • Do you need a personal Brand?
  • Clarifying the definition of your Brand. Personal Brandbook
  • Elevator pitch: how present yourself to stand out
  • Positioning yourself to differentiate yourself from the competition in your industry
  • Strategy of building your powerful Brand. Step-by-step tailor-made action plan
  • Elevator pitch: how present yourself to stand out
  • Job interview: defining your value proposition to convince recruiters

For those, who have already started and want to see results quicker:

  • How to reinforce your current Personal Brand using a strategic approach (based on our UPLIFT methodology)
  • Personalised recommendations on how to get to the next level of your career
  • Defining personalised options to monetise your expertise and generate multiple streams of income*
  • How to charge more for your services & expertise

*Check our free workshop to get ideas about possibilities of monetisation

Additional topics:

  • How to overcome the Imposter Syndrome and believe in yourself
  • Overcome procrastination: How to start doing what you are passion about and become known for that
  • How to manage your fears of publicity and becoming visible

What you will get:

  • Audit of current situation
  • Personalised recommendations and specific action steps
  • Audio/video recording of the session (if you wish)
  • Access to video lessons to dive deeper into key topics

Format and pricing:

Package of 2 Zoom sessions of 1 hour each – 500 Euros*


  • In our Individual package 5 month individual program we offer :
  • 100% tailor -made approach;
  • individual biweekly sessions with TopExpertBrand Accelerator cofounders, Marina and Elena, constant support and feedback in direct implementation of every step of your Brand formulation and grow;
  • an access to online Platform with 8 Modules of TopExpertBrand video lessons based on out UPLIFT methodology.


We’ve developed unique methodology of 360 interview-based feedback to get insights for formulating unique, authentic and powerful Personal Brand, allowing you to stand out and become noticed in your niche

How we do that:

We run in-depth 1 hour interview with 8 people of your choice for anonymous feedback* to uncover your:

  • Unique professional and leadership strengths
  • Perceived “go to” Expertise areas
  • Talents and what makes you stand out
  • Attractive personality attributes, personal values and trustworthiness
  • Qualities, which need to be improved or reinforced, that might hold you back
  • Hidden opportunities
  • Gap between self-perception and received feedback and how to address it

Based on these findings and your input, we co-create a formulation of your Personal Brand – clear, concise message, positioning, and unique value proposition