Personal Branding: Firsthand Experience on How to Grow Professional Visibility & Monetise Expertise

Personal Branding: The Firsthand Experience of How to Grow Professional Visibility & Monetise Your Expertise UPLIFT: Personal Branding and Thought Leadership from A to Z for Leaders & Experienced Professionals

Where to start, if you want to make your expertise visible? How to start growing your personal brand and your business from 0 after working for 20 years in the financial industry?

Marina Vishnyakova, the co-founder of TopExpertBrand Accelerator and the founder of (project for creative entrepreneurs in Spanish) reveals in this episode all her secrets of how to really start monetising your expertise and build your brand and visibility.

Major takeaways:

  • Chose your communication strategically, depending on where your audience is and on what you love to do. You do not need to be present everywhere at once
  • Don’t rush immediately into creating the content. Take time to understand what your audience needs, what is trending in your industry, and how you can put your expertise into the service of others taking into consideration your audience needs and industry trends
  • Have a strategy. There is no need to create content 24/7. It’s all about strategy, great content and consistency
  • Posts and articles become viral, when what you share resonates with your audience. Understand your audience and add your personality to your content
  • It’s not easy to start and take the first step. But it’s possible
  • Visibility and new opportunities do not come overnight, but they may arise at any moment. Thanks to being strategic, structures and consistent
  • You do not need to be a tech person to start writing your blog or running your YouTube channel. Do not overcomplicate it, learn in the process and follow instructions of other people if you need to solve some technical issue. All solutions are out there. Techsupport is also provided by the platforms.
  • Don’t postpone the possibility of making your expertise visible. Your expertise matters!
  • Compound effect is what really works in building your visibility

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