How to Build a Personal Brand and Become a Global Thought Leader in the HR Field, Fuelled by Passion

How to Build a Personal Brand and Become a Global Thought Leader in the HR Field, Fuelled by Passion, with Enrique Rubio, founder of Hacking HR UPLIFT: Personal Branding and Thought Leadership from A to Z for Leaders & Experienced Professionals

Our today’s guest is Enrique Rubio,  the Founder Hacking HR , a global community of HR leaders and practitioners| Top 100 HR Global HR Influencer, Speaker on the topics of  HR & Tech and the Future of Work, Vegan and Ultra runner

Hacking HR is The Largest HR Conference EVER, with 24000 attendees in 2021 and over 30000 registered for 2022 with 600 speakers confirmed.

Here are our key takes away:

  • Start with a genuine vision – people feel and know that it’s true, and they will follow and support you
  • To be efficient and creative, remove yourself from the routine and have a “me time” on a daily basis, even if it is 10 minutes a day. Do what works for you.
  • To build a strong Personal Brand, you need to go out there. Therefore, you become a public persona and you will have supporters and those, who will critisise you. Filter those insights from the lenses of what you want to learn out of it and improve.
  • Believe in yourself. Separate who you are your value as a person, from work you are doing. You are evolving and becoming better in your work, don’t let it prevent from trying.

To make a successful transition from corporate to entrepreneur, make sure that:

  • You’ve saved enough money for 1 year
  • You’ve already tested your business concept that supposes to work
  • You need to embrace an idea it’s not gonna work and have a plan B

Thank you, Enrique, for sharing those great insights!

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