How to Become a Thought Leader by Creating a Podcast in Procurement Niche. Interview with Daniel Barnes, Founder of the World of Procurement

How to become a Thought Leader by creating a podcast in Procurement niche. Interview with Daniel Barnes, founder of the World of Procurement UPLIFT: Personal Branding and Thought Leadership from A to Z for Leaders & Experienced Professionals

As a professional being many years in procurement field, me, Elena Ivanushkina, was looking for the content going beyond the simple blogging which and I couldn’t find it.
Daniel Barnes Barnes challenge this status quo by launching the World of Procurement Podcast which quickly became a reference. With nearly 50 episodes, Daniel interviews have industry leaders and creating dynamic content , exploring latest trends and finding new ideas.

How a podcast helps building visibility and build a strong Personal Brand? Daniel share his learning ad advises in the last episode of our UPLIFT Podcast :

  • Good content can be monetized!
  • Even relatively small amount of downloads podcast can bring a lot of opportunities, like collaborations with procurement tech companies
  • LinkedIn is a great platform to start posting on, even with simple text posts you become visible and get results. You need to be social and involve people into a conversation. Sharing curated content with no personal opinion just doesn’t work
  • If you start involving other people into conversation and content creation, it helps you to overcome imposter syndrome and gain confidence as an expert
  • An if you questioning yourself where how to manage it all and find an extra time to be visible online, Daniel suggest drop watching television: it’s a great escape but you don’t need to escape every day and if you are you need to look at why you need to escape!

Thank you Daniel for this great conversation!

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