Personal Brand: How to Boost Your Career and Be in High Demand with Anastasia Petrova and Victoria Yasinetskaya

Personal Brand: How to Boost Your Career and Be in High Demand with Anastasia Petrova and Victoria Yasinetskaya UPLIFT: Personal Branding and Thought Leadership from A to Z for Leaders & Experienced Professionals

“Mentoring, sponsorship and coaching are 3 different things and they are equally important in advancing your career and building a strong Personal Brand”

“If you don’t ask, you won’t get – always ask but remember to give back: become a mentor for someone, nominate other professionals for industry awards”

In this episode together with our guests Anastasia Petrova, Head of Alliances EMEa at Quantexa (UK), and Victoria Yasinetskaya, Chief Marketing Officer at PagoFX (Spain) we aere discussing how a powerful Personal Brand can boost your career and keep you in high demand in the job market.

Our main takeaways:

  • We need to take ownership of our careers. If you are not accountable for it, don’t expect someone to take responsibility and make your wishes come true.
  • When looking for mentors, it’s important to have both external and internal ones
  • Leverage the power of networking, find what is already available, for example, a female network. Raise your hand, and take part in making things happen
  • Look for speaking opportunities – if you don’t have a chance to speak in the organization, find it outside
  • Writing a book is a strategic approach to stand out as a Thought Leader in your niche

Thank you, Victoria and Anastasia, for sharing your tips and experience !

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