How to Grow Your Personal Brand and Become a Reference in the Procurement Field

How to Become a Reference in Procurement Field and Grow Your Personal Brand while working full time with Stephane Morel UPLIFT: Personal Branding and Thought Leadership from A to Z for Leaders & Experienced Professionals

Many professionals would like to build a successful Personal Brand, become visible and being recognized as a thought leader in the niche. But how really do that, when you work full time?

Stephane Morel shared with us his tips How to Grow Your Personal Brand & Become a Reference in Procurement Field

Main takeaways:
– position yourself in the niche – what you would like to have in the scope of your Personal Brand
– pick 1 specific topic per year to deepen your knowledge and create content around it
– find what you are passioned about in your job and nurture this passion
– spend 30 min a day to build your community -write a post, connect with industry leaders and make valuable comments

Plan to create a training program or write a book in the area of your expertise, get speaking engagements on professional events:
– it helps you to foster your thinking process, structure and crystalize your ideas which is a path to become a #ThoughtLeader
– it optimises your time investment: when you prepare a training/conference/articles on the same topic it gives you a source of content for 20-30 blogs and posts in LinkedIn

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